The Stelbel brand is founded in 1973 by Italian engineer Stelio Belletti.


This beauty - the Stelbel Antenore is constructed with Columbis XCr stainless steel alloy tubing and is the most exclusive frame in the Stelbel line. Designed to provide maximum comfort and increased rigidity, it is intended for intensive and professional use.


Bastion Cycles. Custom carbon weave tubing using 3D printed titanium lugs. Design your bespoke custom bike and tune it to how you want to ride it. Proudly hand-made in Australia.


Dario Pegoretti, The maestro frame builder based in Verona. What you get is not only a hand-made customer built frame but when Dario puts his creative touch on a Ciavete themed frame, you can be sure its a one-off masterpiece.


Bespoke titanium, carbon and steel frames from this renowned builder in Italy is customised by hand in its geometry, design and components.

Comfort, confidence and handling sits high on their list of this endurance-oriented bike.


Hand-crafted by master designer and frame builder Yoshi Nishikawa. Each piece is personally hand-made in Japan.

The titanium frames are bead blasted, brushed and polished with beautifully anodised finish for a stunning look on a quality frame.


Beautifully hand-made and hand-crafted lugged steel frames from master builder Tetsuro Harada from Fukuoka, Japan.

Tetsuro Harada collaborates with renowned American builder Richard Sachs on the frame dropouts.


Moots has since 1991, built nothing but titanium bicycles. It is famous for the 'stack of dimes' welding technique. 

Moots offers a choice of road or cross/gravel frames in standard or custom geometry.


Custom build titanium from USA.Built to a road and cross/gravel geometry.


Titanium is known for its plush ride yet responsive when you want the power transfer. Frames are custom-painted with anodised finish.



Hand-made in Wisconsin, USA, each Project One frame is fully customisable. You have a free rein not only on the paint colour scheme, but also your choice of components for wheels, groupset, saddles, down to which cable housing you want to have.

Project One is available for Emonda, Domane and Madone.


This project is born from a racing DNA of Scuderia Ferrari and Bianchi.


The technology performance, lightness and material excellence are the landmark for cycling and motorsport enthusiasts.


A combination of traditional classic bicycle frame with modern material technology. Each steel frame is customised and hand-made in Taiwan, backed by a 20-year warranty.

Lug brazing, TIG welding, triple-butted Columbus Spirit tubing, chrome plating are characteristics of a SlideAway bike.


LOOK is the first company that invented carbon lug frames and the first to introduce carbon clipless pedals. The French company has kept itself in the forefront of innovation carbon bike designs.

Our Malaysian Kierin World Champion, rides a LOOK track frame exclusively. 

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